VIP Airport Transportation Management

Organizing transportation to and from the airport in Vancouver can be somewhat stressful, as there are so many variables that need to be considered for this journey. Traffic, public transit timetables, the availability of taxis, all present hurdles to your everyday commuter. And what happens when the person for whom you are organizing this airport transportation in Vancouver is a VIP?

There are often VIPs flying into and out of Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for whom a person will need to organize airport transportation. Important business clients, such as the CEO of a large company, or somebody looking to make a deal, will need airport transportation in Vancouver that makes a good impression. Similarly, a lot of movies and TV series are made here, which means big name actors land on a daily basis, and these people are used to a certain level of luxury. The VIP could also be important on a personal level, such a relative visiting whom you have not seen for a long time, whom you want to make feel special.

When you think about all of the above examples, can you really imagine them on a bus or Skytrain? That would not make a good impression and could affect their relationship with you or your company. Similarly, telling them to get a cab to or from the airport doesn’t really seem like you have put much consideration into their visit to Vancouver.

When it comes to VIPs, the only way to do airport transportation in Vancouver is with a luxury vehicle, like the stunning sedans, Limos and more that we have on offer here at Acecharters. These amazing cars will make any special guest feel right at home, and they can get to their destination in comfort and style. These is lots of room for luggage and they can simply sit back and relax, or do some work if they need to.

With luxury airport transportation in Vancouver, a driver will greet your guest and provide a friendly and professional service. Our expert drivers are versed in discretion and have exceptional road skills.

The cost of obtaining luxury airport transportation in Vancouver for VIPs is not as high as you think. It is also totally worth the convenience that it provides you.

If you have a VIP coming into town, give us a call today and we would be happy to provide them with airport transportation in Vancouver.

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